Extreme Venture Partners (EVP) is one of Canada’s most successful venture capital funds over the past decade. With its focus on mobile, EVP I (launched in 2007) achieved superior investment returns while helping to launch and help grow more than 20 companies which ultimately lead to over 1000 well paying technology jobs in Canada.




Extreme Venture Partners has committed significant capital resources towards innovating on its own internal opportunities through its investment in Extreme Innovations.  Operating as a technology accelerator, Extreme Innovations will create companies in partnership with talented entrepreneurs and tech experts and will validate business models before seeking additional partners.  


Now with its second fund, EVP is excited to continue upon its track record of discovering exceptional young companies on the verge of breakout.  While continuing our focus on Mobile (particularly apps, payment, health and enterprise) we are excited to be expanding our sector interest to include Big Data (including open/social data, natural language processing, machine learning and analytics) and the Internet-of-Things (wearables, robotics, drones and connected devices).

Big Data




Extreme Venture Partners is proud to have invested in the following companies:

“I would recommend EVP for any entrepreneur without hesitation (and I have!). EVP were our first investors and supported our vision as we built the company through the twists and turns. EVP introduced us to the lead investors for our second round and helped us close the deal on favourable terms. At those times when we needed the help most, they were there for us.”

– Grant Ritchie, Co-founder, Locationary

“We love working with Extreme Venture Partners and we view them as a partner rather than an investor. They really understand the entrepreneur’s mindset and are willing to really work to make a company successful. On top of that, they have a strong ethical back-bone that drives decision making and support for the entrepreneur.”

– Kathy Leake, CEO & Founder, LocalResponse

“We involved EVP right from the beginning of our business. They joke about not knowing the business as much as making an investment in the quality of the management. And in our case we did end up with an early pivot in the business strategy for which EVP has been supportive every step of the way. I would recommend any new startup to work with like minded pro’s who are entrepreneur-friendly and do not micro manage unless called upon.”

– Chris Sukornyk, CEO & Founder, Chango

“Extreme was always a great partner, and stuck with us though the thick and thin.  Was there when we wanted their help, and would stay out of the way when we they weren’t wanted.  They were partners from the very early start at Kontagent and one of the earliest to believe in us when few others did!”

– Albert Lai, CEO & Co-Founder, Big Viking Games

“Having invested in the space for over four decades I have been very pleased by not only the returns from EVP but also it’s thoughtful positioning in the space…the partners have done a admirable job selecting those companies that embody the new trends in the technology field.”

– Frank Mersch, Chairman and Vice-President, Front Street Capital


While we are positioned slightly more as a discovery and innovation model than as a reactive fund, we do want to hear from you.  Please follow us on twitter @evpvc and feel free to write to us here – info@evp.vc